Ultra Fine Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Ultra-fine microfiber, unlike the terry type microfiber, will not scratch plastics, lexan, LCD TV & computer screens, anti-reflective glasses & all fine optics.

Ultra Fine Microfiber No Scratch Cleaning Cloth for cleaning applications such as windshields, computer screens, windows, face masks, visor shields and other large surfaces. Small Cleaning Colth for cleaning, eye glasses, sunglasses, or other fine optic lenses.

Safely Cleans ~ Picks up Oils, Dust & Lint ~ Washable

To wash Micro-Fiber Cloth, use no fabric softener and then air dry. 

We recommend using ultra-fine microfiber cloth with all

KleerVu™ Anti-Fog Anti-Static Liquid Cleaners &  Pristine™ Anti-Reflective Anti-Static Cleaners