How To Clean Binoculars: 3 Easy Tips

Man using binoculars

A binocular is one of the most important types of equipment for a bird watcher or a hunter. The whole experience of bird watching is very much dependent on a pair of good binoculars. Even for a hunter, a binocular helps to watch their hunt from a distance. Without a binocular or a device to watch the animals from a distance, it would be difficult to hunt. A binocular is quite important for hunters, bird watchers, and nature enthusiasts, and that is the reason they invest in a good pair of binoculars. Once you own a pair of binoculars, it is crucial to know how to look after the binoculars and keep it clean so that you can increase its lifespan.

No matter, how much you care for the binocular; while using it, you would leave your fingerprints, and dust particles will settle on the lenses. Blowing air into the lens and rubbing it with your handkerchief or ends of your shirt will only damage the lens. Read the owner’s instruction manual. It will have specific instructions on how to clean your binoculars. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s advice otherwise you will peel off the coatings and leave scratch marks on the lens. Once the lenses have scratch marks or coatings are damaged, the binocular will not give you the same experience it did when you bought them. Protecting them and cleaning the right way is important to keep the binoculars in good condition.

Below are some of the ways to keep the binoculars clean:

Use A Brush

Use a blower brush or lens cleaning brush to brush off any dust particles from the lens. Since the binoculars are mostly used outdoors, there are fine dust particulars that stick to the lens. The air we blow from our mouth contains moisture. This moisture will not blow away all the dust particles, but it will stick to the glass. Then, when you rub with cloth or microfiber wipes, it will act like sandpaper on the lens. Hence, it is advisable to use a brush.

The fine hair of the brush will remove every fine particle of dust from the surface of the lens. It avoids peeling off the coating or even scratches on the lens. Some binoculars do come with the lens cleaning brush as part of the accessories. If you have got one with your binoculars, use that brush. Always remember to place the brush back in its case or box to keep it away from dust and debris.

Clean With A Cleaning Solution

There are times, even after brushing off with fine hair lens brush it may still leave some dust. After cleaning with a lens brush, use a Q-tip that is moistened with water to float off the remaining dirt and dust. You can also use the Q-tip and moisten it with a lens cleaning mix or solution to clean the lens. If it’s a waterproof binocular, you can also run it under a water tap. However, avoid squirting it. Keep in mind, to avoid using any cleaning solutions that are meant for cleaning windows or eyeglasses as it can damage the coatings. The best solution would be to use our KleerVu™ Anti Fog Anti Static Liquid Cleaner.

Gently Wipe It Clean

Once all the dust is cleaned, use a lens tissue to clean the lens. Follow this step only after all the dust has been removed or cleaned from the lens. Otherwise, it will leave scratches or damage the coatings. You can also use a cotton cloth to clean the lens. However, it has to be very soft cloth. There are also microfiber cloths that are specially made for cleaning binocular lenses. Most good compact binoculars do come with lens cleaning cloths. Most of the times, the lens cleaning cloth that comes with the accessories are of good quality. However, ensure you check the quality of the cloth. If it is of inferior quality then don’t use it to wipe the lens. You can use the cloth to clean the body of the binocular. You can find a good quality lens wiping tissues or clothes online at a fairly reasonable or cheap price.

Keep the cleaning cloth or wipe clean. Store it in a place away from dust and debris. It’s better to keep it in a sealed bag where it will always remain clean, and you can use it whenever you need it.

Cleaning The Body:

Similar to cleaning the lens, it is essential to clean the body as well. Like the lens, there is a similar method to clean the body.

  • Blow away the dust – Use a blower to remove any dust particles from the binocular.
  • Use a cloth to clean – Use a lint-free or microfiber tissue to clean the body. Always use a dry wipe or cloth. Be careful and avoid touching the lens while cleaning the body. Hold it upside down to avoid any dust falling on the lens.
  • Use a mild cleaner – If it’s still dirty, take warm water, mix it with a mild cleaner and then wipe with a soft cloth. Be careful and avoid touching the lens or using it on the lens.

Most binoculars do come with cleaning brush and cloths or wipes. Also, there is a number of cleaning kits and solutions available online to clean binoculars. If you own an expensive binocular or are a nature enthusiast who uses binoculars regularly, I would advise you to check online for the cleaning kits specially designed for binoculars.

Do not think of cleaning the inside of the binocular. Cleaning the lens and body at regular intervals is enough to keep your binocular in good condition. Don’t try to open the binocular to clean the interiors; you will end up damaging it. Contacting the manufacturer is the best option if you want to clean it from the inside or for any expert advice or repairs.

The above advice and steps will help in keeping your binocular clean. It is said that most binoculars are damaged by an incorrect method of cleaning than being dropped anywhere.