Stop Your Glasses From Fogging When You Wear A Mask

Boy Wearing Mask With Fogged Glasses Needing Anti-Fog Spray

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for people to wear masks and use anti-fog spray is growing quickly. It is even mandatory in some places to wear a mask in public. That can cause a fogging problem for anyone wearing glasses and a mask. This can happen because your breath is flowing up into your glasses.

This can be very frustrating — obstructing your vision and requiring glasses to be removed throughout the day. The good news is that there are ways to prevent your glasses from fogging up when you have a mask on.

Tighten Your Mask

When you breath and cause your mask to fog up, it means the air you breath out is going up and escaping your mask. This can be remedied by making sure that your mask is tight enough around the bridge of your nose. Many masks also have a metal band on the top and this should be adjusted to fit the contours of your face. If you have a medical mask like the N95, you should not be experiencing fogging. However, most of the general public is wearing cloth masks and some fogging should be expected when those are worn.

Change The Position

Another tactic you might try is to adjust the position of the mask and glasses on your face. Lowering your mask just a tiny bit so the air you exhale comes out lower should reduce the issues you may be having with your glasses fogging. Just make sure that you keep all of your mouth and most of your nose covered. Depending on how they fit your face, you could also try to adjust the way you wear your glasses so they are a bit higher as well. And remember to avoid touching your face as much as possible.

Changes To Your Mask

If you have problems with your glasses fogging up due to your mask, it is likely the result of poor airflow through your mask. You may just need to try using a different filter (if you are using one). Some filters will allow for greater airflow than others. Studies have shown that HEPA filters work well. For those who are using homemade masks, try removing a layer of fabric and see if that helps. If nothing else, you can get a different mask or try making one with a different material.

How do you know if your mask is sufficiently made from quality material? You can check to see how thick it is by holding it up to the light. If you are able to see the individual fibers of the fabric, you should consider upgrading to a better material.

Anti-Fog Spray

The best option is to keep your mask from causing your glasses to fog up is with our anti-fog spray. Just spray it on the surface of your glasses and then wipe clean with a clean soft cloth — preferably an Ultra Fine Microfiber Cloth. (In addition to being the best anti-fog spray for glasses, KleerVu works on goggles, helmets, face shields, mirrors, windows, and more.)

These effective cloths will fit perfectly inside your eyeglass case or any other small space that you might need to store them. The ultra-fine microfiber, unlike the terry type microfiber, will not scratch your glasses. Our KleerVu Anti-Fog Guarantee promises that our Anti-Fog spray cleaner will counteract fog when it is used as directed. This includes applying it regularly as needed.

Other methods the people try include; washing glasses with soap and water, spitting on them, and putting on other substances that leave residue, like toothpaste or shaving cream. However, these options are not great. You won’t want to do anything that is going to get your mask wet. And spitting on your glasses should be completely avoided during the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you are tired of your masks causing your glasses to fog — don’t be. There is no reason to suffer through that when a quick and easy solution is available. Give us a call today and get the best anti-fog spray for glass and solve your fogging problems. We guarantee it!