Small Ultra-Fine Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Small Ultra-Fine Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Our Small Ultra Fine Microfiber No Scratch lens cleaning cloth fits perfectly in your eyeglass case, purse, pocket, suitcase, shaving kit or any small space to allow for easy access. Perfect for use with our KleerVu­™ Anti-fog and Pristine™ Anti-Reflective Spray Cleaner 1/2 oz and 2 oz. sizes for smaller applications.

Ultrafine microfiber, unlike the terry type microfiber, will not scratch plastics, Lexan, LCD TV  & computer screens, anti-reflective glasses & all fine optics. Ultra fine microfiber cleans, picks up oils and is washable. To wash, no fabric softener and no dryer. Just air dry.

Product Number: 0 85681 91176 0


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