8 oz Screen Cleaner

8 oz Screen Cleaner

KleerVu Screen Cleaner 8 oz Spray Bottle: Your Solution for Crystal-Clear Screens

In a world where our lives revolve around electronic devices, keeping our screens pristine is a must. Introducing the Kleer Touch Screen Cleaner by KleerVu™ – your go-to solution for maintaining spotless, smudge-free screens effortlessly.

8 oz Bottle: Tailored for Office or Home Use

The convenience of an 8 oz bottle means you can tackle screen grime wherever it strikes – whether it’s your office workstation or your cozy home setup. This size ensures you always have ample supply on hand for regular cleaning sessions, guaranteeing your screens stay impeccable at all times.

Unrivaled Cleaning Power: Bye-Bye Dust, Smudges, and Fingerprints

Say farewell to unsightly dust particles, annoying smudges, and stubborn fingerprints that obscure your view. Our specialized cleaning solution is designed to obliterate these nuisances, leaving your screens crystal clear and invitingly smooth to the touch.

Streak-Free Brilliance: Because Clarity Matters

We understand the frustration of streaks marring an otherwise pristine screen. That’s why our screen cleaners are formulated to deliver streak-free brilliance every time you use it. Enjoy the satisfaction of a flawlessly clean surface that enhances your viewing experience.

Dust Repellent Technology: A Shield for Your Screens

Not only does our screen cleaner eradicate existing dust, but it also works proactively to repel future accumulation, unlike most screen cleaners. Guard your electronic screens against pesky dust particles, maintaining their allure for longer periods between cleaning sessions.

Alcohol & Ammonia-Free: Safe for Every Screen

Rest assured, our screen cleaning liquid contains no alcohol or ammonia. This gentle yet effective formula ensures the safety of all your electronic and touch screens. From laptop screens to flat screens, your TV screen, GPS devices, gaming system screens, smartphones, and more, our solution is the safe choice to remove germs for all.

Versatile and Efficient: Clean Your Entire Screen

No need for multiple cleaners for different devices. As one of the best screen cleaners available, it is versatile, and capable of efficiently cleaning the entire screen of various electronic devices. It’s the all-in-one solution you’ve been searching for.

Microfiber Cloth Compatibility: Achieve Flawless Results

For optimal results, as a screen cleaner kit – pair our screen cleaner with high-quality microfiber cloths or a microfiber pad. This duo ensures that every application of the cleaning solution yields flawlessly clean screens, free from streaks or residue.

Effective for Laptop Screens and Beyond: Tailored for Every Electronic Device

From laptops to smart TVs, gaming consoles, and mobile phones, our screen cleaner is tailor-made for the diverse array of electronic devices that enrich our lives. Experience the same exceptional cleaning prowess across all your tech essentials.

For just $14.95, invest in the Kleer Touch Screen Cleaner by KleerVu™, your trusted partner in preserving the pristine clarity of your electronic screens. Say goodbye to smudges, fingerprints, and dust, and welcome a world of unobstructed, streak-free brilliance with every application.

Uses for the Kleer Touch Screen cleaner:

  • Computer Screen Cleaner
  • Laptop Screen and PC Monitors
  • TV Screen and Larger Screens
  • LCD screens
  • Phone Screen
  • Tablet Screens
  • Electronic Devices
  • Keyboard
  • Delicate Screens
  • All Your Devices


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  1. kevin

    Not only is this great at cleaning screens without leaving streaks, my monitors at work and my TV remain dust free longer than they seemed to when I used other products before.

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