16 oz Clean Power

16 oz Clean Power

Product Description

Cleans rugs, upholstery, fabrics with no residue, great laundry additive and pre-soak. Gives your laundry that extra boost while removing stains and it is gentle enough to use on your fine washables.

Removes crayon from walls and even melted crayon from fabrics. Removes hard water spots from windows, grease from engines, also removes grease, gunk, and burned on stuff, from your barbeque grill.

Use it to remove “mystery” stains from the upholstery or carpet in your vehicle.

Non-Toxic – Bio-Degradable – Non-Corrosive – Non-Abrasive – Used By Professionals

Contains No Soap – 100% made in the USA – Guaranteed Results!

Cleaning Rugs, Carpets, Upholstery Car/Auto Carpets and Upholstery
For use in all Shampoo Applicators, Electric or Manual Cleans Fiberglass
Spot remover for tough stains (Blood Kool-Aid) Engines
Removes Wax, Crayon, Magic Marker, Ink Laundry Pretreatment, Soak
Cleaning Ovens, Barbeque Grills Fine Washables & Sweaters
Automatic Dishwashers Suede & Leather
Removes Hard Water From Windows Removes Gum, Playdough, Clay, Tar, Oil, Grease


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  1. Lorrie Nesbitt (my phone) (verified owner)

    I cannot find the words to thank you enough. Last night I was opening a pint bottle of homemade beet kombucha. I guess I let it ferment too long, because, as I opened it, it exploded covering my entire kitchen and living room with beet juice. I am not kidding–all of my furniture, lamp shades, carpet, ceiling, even inside the light sockets–EVERYTHING–EVERYTHING–was covered in dark red beet juice. I was standing there covered in beet juice watching it dripping off my ceiling, plants and cupboards–in shock–feeling it running out of my ears and down my back–wondering what to do. How the hell would I clean beet juice off a white fabric chair/lampshade etc etc. What should I use? What do I do? I had no clue, but I knew I had to move fast because, well, beet juice stains like there’s no tomorrow. Then I remembered I had bought your clean power powder and even though I hadn’t tried it yet, I didn’t know what else to do or try so I mixed up a very concentrated batch, got out a ladder and went to work. OMG. I owe you SO much. It worked beautifully!!! It cleaned everything like a charm! Even my flat white ceilings, my white linen lampshades, my beige fabric chair, and all of my carpet! They were all covered in beet juice and are now perfectly clean! It took a couple of hours to clean everything, but every bit of it came off. I don’t even know how to thank you. I am actually in tears as I write this. Your product saved my home and all my furnishings! All I could think of was how I needed to file a homeowners insurance claim to replace all my furniture and have the walls/ceiling repainted. But I didn’t have to thanks to you!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Needless to say, I am now a lifetime customer.

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