Scopes Binoculars Hunting

If you want to see two men like kids in a candy shop, you should have seen Jason and Braydon (son and grandson), at the Big Reno Gun Show in Reno NV. We have sold our KleerVu Anti-Fog at this show for 25 years and we were able to go as a family this year. Jodi (daughter) and I did the selling and Jason and Braydon did the gun shopping (dreaming).

You might ask why we have our KleerVu™ Anti Fog Anti Static Liquid Cleaner at a gun show. That would be because glasses, scopes and binoculars fog! KleerVu is recommenced by Leupold Scope company. We have also produced a cleaning kit for Swarovski. KleerVu is a very safe, high quality product that works!!!

KleerVu is so simple to use. For scopes and binoculars, simply spray the ultra fine micro-fiber cloth, wipe lens and dry. We do recommend doing this twice because if there is any oils left, it will fog in that spot. For your glasses just spray and clean with your ultra fine micro-fiber cloth. One thing to know is that anti-reflective lenses will not anti-fog.

Have a great time hunting and good luck!!!

That’s all the news for now.
“La Revedere”

Karen Wright