Anti-Reflective Lens Cleaner

Pristine Anti-Reflective Lens Cleaner is the only cleaner that is specifically formulated to safely clean your anti-reflective (non-glare) lenses. It is ranked as one of the top eyeglass cleaners in “Ode Magazine!”

This product is available in various sizes. Our product has no limited life — meaning that it will keep indefinitely — helping you to save money. It also ensures that you will always have product on hand for all your lens, optic, and electronic screen cleaning needs. Pristine is also anti-static. Thus it prevents dust, lint, and other debris from adhering to the lenses.

Note: (Pristine is not an anti-fog product. ALL antifog solutions will not stop fogging on non-glare coatings and anti-fog cleaners will cause smearing and streaks if they are used on most non-glare lenses).