Anti-Fog Cleaner

We offer KleerVu Anti-fog cleaner, anti-static spray cleaner in convenient sizes — starting from 0.5 oz. all the way up to 1 gallon. Our cleaner is great for quick and easy lens or surface cleaning. Use KleerVu on the following items and many more:

Industrial sensors
Paintball masks & goggles
Eyeglasses &sunglasses
Scubadiving masks
Industrial safety glasses
Swimming goggles
Lab technician safety glasses
Ice hockey masks & glasses
Binoculars & rifle scopes
Snow ski glasses, goggles, and helmet shields
Military masks & goggles
Snowmobile helmet shields
Computer & cell phone screens
Any glass or plastic
Motorcycle helmet visors

Anti-Fog Cleaner Instructions

For anti-fog cleaner use on glasses, goggles, helmets, face shields, mirrors, windows, etc.: Spray the cleaner on the surface and then wipe clean with a clean soft cloth. Preferably an Ultra Fine Microfiber Cloth.

This is safe to use on Lexan motorcycle windshields. To remove bugs, spray the cleaner on the windshield. Then use water and a soft cloth to clean.

For anti-fog cleaner use on gun scopes, binoculars, and other fine optics: Spray the cleaner on one side of a soft clean cloth. We recommend using a microfiber cloth. Then using the damp side, wipe the optic clean. Then dry with the reverse side of the cloth.

The cleaner becomes more effective with repeated use over time.

Why Use Anti-Fog Cleaner

If you have glasses, goggles, or anything else that gets fogged up, you’ll want to invest in some anti-fog cleaner. Of course, the main reason why this cleaner will be a benefit to you is that it stops condensation from hindering your vision. Here are a couple more reasons you’ll want to take advantage of using an anti-fog cleaner.


There are a lot of activities that can be enhanced with a good anti-fog cleaner. These include a bunch of things to do in the outdoors. We’re talking about things like riding a motorcycle or hunting with binoculars. Using your scope, riding your bike, and everything else becomes exponentially more difficult when visibility is hampered with fog.


This may be the most important reason to makes sure you have no issues with fogging. Having glasses that are covered with fog while you are behind the wheel is a recipe for disaster. This can happen quite easily in the winter. Cold air can quickly cause glasses to fog up. Using our anti-fog cleaner will maintain your clear vision and decrease your odds of being in an accident.


Everyone loves a great photo right? Good luck getting one with a fogged-up lens. Temperature changes can make this happen more often than you might think. You never get a second chance at a great photo so don’t let fogging ruin that once-in-a-lifetime moment.