Pristine Anti-Reflective Lens Cleaner

Pristine™ Anti-Reflective Anti-Static Spray Lens Cleaner is the only cleaner specifically formulated to safely clean anti-reflective (non-glare) lenses. Pristine cleans this type of lens without streaking, will not scratch or harm the non-glare or other protective coatings. Approved safe and effective on all lens coatings!

Specifically: Anti-Reflective (AR) Lenses • Polarized Lenses • Teflon Lenses • UV Coatings • Iridium Coatings • Transition/Photo Chromatic Lenses • Safe on Plastic and Glass

Pristine™ Anti-Static properties prevent dust, lint, and other debris from adhering to lenses and electronic screen surfaces too!

Cleans and Repels Dust and Lint on: Flat Screens • Computer Screens • Television Screens • LCD Screens • Plasma Screens • All Touch Screens • Cell Phones • IPods • IPads

This anti-reflective lens cleaner is environmentally safe and 100% made in the USA!!!