Try Our New Mini Trail-Travel Pack!!!

Mini-Trial Travel Pack




Our mini-trail-travel pack is the perfect way to get to know our products! 

We are just “Little Squirts”, but we might grow on you!!!

Here’s everything that comes in this pack.

1st Little squirt: “KleerVu Anti-Fog”. Safe. Stops fogging on most surfaces, excluding anti-glare coatings.

2nd Little Squirt: “Pristine”. Safe. Formulated especially for those hard to clean anti-glare coatings. Cleans without streaking.

3rd Little Squirt: “KleerTouch Screen Cleaner”. Safely removes all those unsightly smudges from all touch screens.

4th Little Squirt: “Simply Superior Jewelry Cleaner”. More sparkle and shine than you’ve ever seen. Safe on all stones and metals.


Clean Power Powder”. Tired of your powder cleaners not working? Clean Power Powder removes gum, crayon, grease, etc. You can use clean power to clean carpets with no residue, but it is also gentle enough to wash sweaters!!!

Small ultra-fine microfiber cloth.

Jewelry brush.

So try our mini-trail-travel pack and then check out our Mom and Dad sizes!!!

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