Anti-Fog Spray: Say Goodbye To Foggy Goggles

Anti-Fog Spray for Foggy Goggles

Goggles fogging up can be a significant nuisance for anyone who wears them for swimming, skiing, or cycling. When goggles fog up, it can obscure a person’s vision and make it difficult or impossible to see. This can be frustrating and annoying, especially if it happens frequently or during a critical moment; in some cases, such as while skiing or cycling, foggy goggles can also be dangerous because they can reduce visibility and increase the risk of accidents or injuries. Overall, preventing goggles from fogging up is essential for maintaining clear vision, safety, and enjoyment during activities that require goggles.

What Causes Goggles To Fog?

Goggles fog up when warm, humid air comes into contact with a colder surface, such as the inside of a pair of goggles. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Condensation from breath or sweat: When a person exhales or sweats, the moisture in their breath or sweat can condense inside the goggles, causing them to fog up.
  • Temperature changes: If a pair of goggles is exposed to cold temperatures and then worn over a warm face, the warm air from the face can cause the inside of the goggles to fog up.
  • Improper fit: If goggles do not fit properly and create a good seal around the eyes, warm, humid air can escape from around the goggles and come into contact with the colder inside surface, causing fogging.
  • Poor ventilation: Some goggles may have poor ventilation, which can cause moisture to build up on the inside of the goggles and result in fogging.
  • Lack of anti-fog coating: Some goggles may not have an anti-fog coating, making them more prone to fogging.

How To Prevent Goggles From Fogging

There are several ways to prevent goggles from fogging up:

  1. Choose goggles with anti-fog coatings or ventilation systems: Many goggles on the market today have anti-fog coatings or ventilation systems that help to prevent fogging. These features can be particularly helpful for activities that involve a lot of sweating, such as swimming or cycling.
  2. Wear a neoprene headband or other type of sweatband: Wearing a headband can help absorb moisture, preventing it from condensing on the inside of the goggles.
  3. Apply an anti-fog spray or paste to the inside of the goggles: There are a variety of anti-fog solutions and pastes available that can be applied to the inside of the goggles to help prevent fogging. These products can be particularly helpful for goggles with no anti-fog coating.
  4. Ensure that the goggles fit correctly: Properly fitting goggles are essential for creating a good seal around the eyes, which can help to prevent warm, humid air from escaping and coming into contact with the colder inside surface of the goggles.
  5. Avoid touching the goggles inside: When you touch the inside, you can leave oils or other substances that cause the goggles to fog up more easily. Try to avoid touching the inside of the goggles as much as possible.

Quick Fixes

If you find yourself with fogged-up goggles while you’re in the middle of an activity, there are a few quick fixes you can try:

  1. Breathe onto the goggles and wipe the moisture away: This simple method can help clear up fogged-up goggles by using your own breath to create moisture on the inside of the goggles, which can then be wiped away with a clean cloth.
  2. Use the defogging function on a ski or snowboard helmet: Many ski and snowboard helmet models have a built-in defogging function that can help to clear up fogged-up goggles. Simply activate the function according to the helmet’s instructions, and the goggles should clear up.
  3. Use a product specifically designed to clear up fogged-up goggles: Most anti-fog sprays on the market are specifically designed to clear up fogged-up goggles. These products can be sprayed or wiped onto the inside of the goggles to help remove fog and improve visibility.

Try Our Best Anti-Fog Spray That Actually Works

Whether you’re planning to on a hike or adjusting a face mask over the course of a commute and errands on a cold day, foggy glasses can be a pain to deal with. Our anti-fog spray bottles and microfiber cloth use a glasses-safe solution to keep fog from building up on your lenses.

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