Instructions For Use

KleerVu™ Application Instructions

Anti-fog & Clean Glasses, goggles, helmets, face shields, mirrors, windows etc.: Spray on surface then wipe clean with a clean soft cloth — preferably an Ultra Fine Microfiber Cloth.

Safe to use on lexan motorcycle windshields; to remove bugs spray on windshield then us water and soft cloth to clean.

Gun scopes, binoculars and other fine optics: Spray on one side of a soft clean cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth, then using the damp side wipe the optic clean, then dry with the reverse side.

Becomes more effective with repeated use.

Pristine™ Application Instructions

Clean Anti-reflective lenses: Spray on lens then wipe clean using a soft clean cloth, preferably an Ultra Fine Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. Will safely clean any lens coated or regular.

Computer and television Screens, LCD screens, plasma screens, flat screens, all touch screens, any soft screen: shut off screen then Spray Pristine on a soft clean cloth, preferably an Ultra Fine Microfiber Cloth, wipe the screen with the damp side of the cloth then use the reverse side to dry the screen.

CD’s and DVD’s: Spray Pristine on a soft clean cloth, preferably an Ultra Fine Micro-fiber Cloth, then wipe across the disc from the middle hole to the outside.

Not for contact lenses.

Clean Power Cleaning Powder Instructions for Use

Uses: Cleaning Rugs, Carpets, Upholstery/Auto Carpets and Upholstery/Can be used in all Shampoo Applicators, Electric or Manual/Safe On Fiberglass/Spot Remover for tough stains (Blood, Kool-Aid etc.)/Removes Wax, Crayon, Magic Marker, Ink/Laundry Pretreat or Presoak/Fine Washables & Sweaters/Suede & Leather/Removes Gum, Play Dough/Cleans Ovens/Barbeque Grills/Removes Hard Water from Windows/Automatic Dishwashers/Cleans Engines and Concrete (Oil, Grease, Tar).

Rugs & Carpets: Shampooer—————————-use 4 tablespoons per quart of water

Extractor (Rug Doctor Type)——-use 1 tablespoons per gallon of water

Spot cleaning————————–use 1 tablespoon per cup of water

Tough Stains (Koolaid etc.)———use 2 tablespoons per cup of water (May take repeated applications, dry between)

Grease, Oil, Tar, Gum, Play Dough, Clay: Wet a small brush with hot water, dip into powder granules and apply. Work into soiled area making a foamy paste. Allow to sit 5-10 minutes. Work again with brush or fingernail.

Oil On Concrete: Wet area with hot water, sprinkle powder on spot and let sit for twenty minutes. Use a stiff brush to scrub area, then rinse. May need a second application. Some discoloration may remain.

Wax, Crayon, Marker, Ink etc: Wet a sponge or cloth with hot water, dip in powder then apply to spot and scrub. Safe on enameled or painted walls, woodwork etc. For melted crayon on clothing, pre-spot or pre-soak.

Upholstery: Use 4 tablespoons per quart of warm water, stir briskly into a foam, apply only the foam. Wipe with a damp towel that has been wet in clean clear water. Let dry.

Sweaters and Fine Washables: Use 2 tablespoons per gallon of warm water. Soak and scrub gently.

Prewash Spotter: Use 5 tablespoons per quart of water. Fill a spray bottle with warm water, add powder and shake. Shake before each use.

Ovens: No odor and no need to use gloves. Wet oven with hot water, sprinkle on powder granules and make a foamy paste using a sponge. Soak racks in the bathtub with the powder. Let sit one hour then rinse.

Smoke film on Brick: Use 5 tablespoons per quart of hot water add powder and stir making foam. Apply foam to the brick, let sit 5 minutes, scrub with a stiff brush and rinse.

Fiberglass-Fish Blood on Boats etc: Wet with warm water, sprinkle on powder sparingly. Use a net scrubber and rinse.