How to Prevent Fog and Keep Dust Down

A microfiber lens cloth is mainly used to clean glasses and goggles. The soft fibers will not scratch the lenses. The fibers can be impregnated with substances to eliminate fog, allow water to run off instead of bead or to prevent dust build up. A good example of this is to use an impregnated cloth to keep a car’s windshield clear of rain, prevent fog and to keep dust down. The same cloth will work well on the driver’s glasses as well. Bathroom mirrors also benefit from these types of fibers.

Glass tables, chandeliers and figurines are easier to clean with a microfiber lens cloth than other types of fibers. Cotton cloths leave lint and fibers on objects. Paper tears and leaves bits and pieces behind. The microfibers pick up dust and other contaminants from virtually any surface.

To clean a microfiber lens cloth, simply toss it in the washing machine. If the manufacturer’s instructions state that washing the cloth will change the properties such as anti-fogging, additional liquids or cleaners may be required to re-impregnate the fibers. These liquids can be purchased separately or may be available in a kit.

Microfiber cloths can clean more than glass. They can be used to dust fine furniture and collectible objects. Used with metal cleaners, they produce a shine faster and more lustrous than other cloths. Vinyl, leather and other synthetic materials can be cleaned and shined as well. Virtually any surface can be cleaned with microfiber. For the best results, use the same cloth only for glasses. Do not clean other surfaces with the same cloth.

Use microfiber cloths to shine a car, boat or RV siding. Impregnate one cloth with the polishing material and keep one or more to use as a buffer. It will take work, but the resulting shine will be similar to using a mechanical buffer.

The cloths are available in different sizes. Small cloths are made for glasses, sunglasses and goggles. Larger cloths can be used on mirrors, windshields and other surfaces. KleerVu Microfiber Lens Cloths are perfect for many different personal items. Experience cleanliness at a very low price with KleerVu today!