Do you have a GoPro? Check this out!!!

As a company we are very excited when we receive a testimonial like this one:

Dear Kleervu,

“I’ve been actively looking for a product that would keep water off of my GoPro case lens for quite some time now. Then at the Pocatello Spring Fair, I purchased your Kleervu Anti-Fog skeptically, thinking that it was just another gimmick, but since it is safe on plastic I figured I give it a try. Well I sprayed it on my GoPro case then went kayaking and put it through the ringer and there were zero blotches on my lens and the video came out great and that was just the trial run. But what really impressed me was that today I did the Bear River which is a class 4 & 5 run in a snow storm and again the video quality came out great even with snow hitting the case it would soon dissipate and again even where there were a few blotches you could still see well enough to have amazing footage. When I have the footage from today I’ll send you the link. I really think you guys need to reach out to GoPro or promote this product to the extreme sport enthusiast out there honestly they’re using Rain-X and taking a chance that it doesn’t eat the plastic casing. I love this product and again thanks so much for coming up with it. I know I have friends using mine and are looking to buy some of their own.”

Isn’t that great!!!  Check it out at