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Q: What’s the difference between KleerVu and Pristine?

A: KleerVu is an anti-fog for any surface that does not have an anti-reflective coating. Pristine is designed to clean the anti-reflective lens or other sensitive surface but is not an anti-fog.

Q:  Where are KleerVu Products Manufactured?

A: KleerVu And Pristine are both manufactured and packaged in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Our products are proudly 100% made in the USA! We have been manufacturing and selling for over 25 years!

Q: Are KleerVu and Pristine Safe? Will they harm or remove the anti-glare or tinting on my prescription lenses?

A: KleerVu and Pristine will not harm or remove the anti-glare, tinting or polarized coatings from fine optics or prescription lenses. They are a 100% Green product and contain no silicone, alcohol, ammonia or abrasives. It will not scratch or harm glass, plastics or your fine optics. Pristine was specially designed to clean your anti-reflective lenses and other sensitive surfaces.

Q: Are KleerVu Products tested on animals?

A: No they are not tested on Animals. Animals do not wear glasses 🙂

Q: Can I use KleerVu Products on my laptop, computer screen, television screen ect.?

A: Yes!!! Pristine is best to use for cleaning computer and television screens, flat screens, touch screens, LCD screens, plasma screens or soft screens. Always follow these instructions: Turn screen off then spray Pristine on a soft cloth, preferably an ultra fine microfiber cloth, wipe screen with damp side of cloth then reverse side to dry the screen.

Q: Can I use Pristine on CD’s and DVD’s?

A: Yes absolutely! We have even had reports the using Pristine on CD’s and DVD’s helps fill in scratches!

Q: How long will KleerVu/Pristine Last? How often should I reapply?

A: Any time you clean your glasses use KleerVu/Pristine. They will not build up on lenses.

KleerVu Application Instructions:

 Glasses, goggles, helmets, face shields, mirrors, windows etc.: Spray on surface then wipe clean with a clean soft cloth, preferably an ultra fine microfiber cloth.

Safe to use on lexan motorcycle windshields; to remove bugs spray on windshield then us water and soft cloth to clean.

Gun scopes, binoculars and other fine optics: Spray on one side of a soft clean cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth, then using the damp side wipe the optic clean, then dry with the reverse side.

Becomes more effective with repeated use.

Pristine Application Instructions:

Anti-reflective lenses: Spray on lens then wipe clean using a soft clean cloth, preferably an Ultra Fine Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. Will safely clean any lens coated or regular.

 Computer and television Screens, LCD screens, plasma screens, flat screens, all touch screens, any soft screen: shut off screen then Spray Pristine on a soft clean cloth, preferably an Ultra fine Microfiber Cloth, wipe the screen with the damp side of the cloth then use the reverse side to dry the screen.

 CD’s and DVD’s: Spray Pristine on a soft clean cloth, preferably an Ultra Fine Micro-fiber Cloth, then wipe across the disc from the middle hole to the outside.

Not for contact lenses.

Q: When will my order be shipped and how can I track it?

A: Orders are generally shipped within 24 hours of receipt or 24 hours of weekends or holidays. When your order ships we will send an email with tracking information so you can easily track your order. Please check our complete Shipping & Returns information page.

For questions about your order or shipping information please Contact Us. We value our customers and want you to be happy with your purchases.

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