Customer Testimonials

Here’s what some of our customers say about KleerVu Anti-Fog:

I love your product! I bought it at the Fresno Fair a few years ago. I play tennis and I can’t find anything even close to the quality of this product! I have to wear glasses and without this product on my lenses I can’t see because of the fog!

Thank you!

Jane Hamilton


I need to find more of the product listed above. KleerVu Anti-Fog Cleaner. I work in/out of -40 to +110 everyday. Your product is the “Best” but I can’t find any more due to our seasonal sales. Please Help!

Sincerely yours,

Gregory Boyshi


It’s time for me to order another bottle of Kleer Vu. However in addition to reordering, I would like to compliment you for having an OUTSTANDING product. I play Goalie on a local ice hockey team and could not find anything to keep my sports goggles from fogging. I tried a myriad of products, including some specifically made by hockey equipment companies and nothing worked. One day I saw Kleer Vu in a Merrill’s drug store and now I wont use anything else!It does an incrediable job and my goggles don’t fog at all (even when I finish playing and return to a heated locker room!) I have also recommended Kleer Vu to other folks and I play with (including the other goalie) and the response is the same (“This stuff is great”).

I just thought you’d like to know you have a great product and the only thing about having a great product is it can only get better! Keep up the great work.


David A. Bolaffi


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the KleerVu last winter. I used it regularly on my goggles with such success that several of my instructors tried it also with success. We all found that this product reduced the fogging of our goggles considerably during inclement periods of weather when this problem becomes common.

We will continue to use and endorse KleerVu and encourage its use by other skiers,

Sincerely yours,

Gene Palmer

Ski School Director

Grand Targhee Resort


I have used Kleer Vu Anti-Fog cleaner and have found that on my sunglasses I had no problem with them fogging up. I have also used Kleer Vu on my scuba mask and again the same results.

One of the most important things that I have found about Kleer Vu is that it works on my eyeglasses for racquetball playing, and have no problem with them fogging up.

In closing, I am very happy with your product,


Luciome Gonzales

Racquetball and health center

Rexburg, Idaho


Colorado Racquet News, Product evaluation By Roger Day-Davis

Kleer Vu is a product that is not only excellent for the racquetball industry, but other sports as well where goggles are used. It totally eliminates fogging and steaming on glass or plastic. If put on a mirror that is submitted to extreme heat, the mirror will remain fog free.

Opinion: Kleer Vu does work! It works even better with repeated use and the duration between applications will last longer. It is easy to use due to its convenient containers. I give it a very good recommendation.


Thanks for your trust and prompt service. A Pleasure to deal with you.

Dee Harned


Thank you so much. Your marketing practices are very refreshing in today’s untrusting world.

Al Monttinger


Whitetail Magazine – It’s the little things by Bill McRea

Speaking of lens cleaning fluids, I’m especially impressed with KleerVu Anti-Fog cleaner, which is available in handy spray bottles from North American Marketing, Inc. of Idaho Falls, ID. Besides being a great cleaner for everything from eyeglasses to windshields, KleerVu eliminates fogging on either glass or plastic lenses while simultaneously repelling dust and lint.


I recently purchased a bottle of your KleerVu Anti-Fog Cleaner. I am impressed by the quality of your product and its effectiveness. In fact I would like to order a small quantity to sell. When we find a new product, like your KleerVu, we feel this something we can honestly promote. Sincerely yours, Dorathy, Wildwood Marketing, Curtis, WA


KleerVu Anti-fog is the only product that is clean room approved.

REC Renewable Energy Corporation, Butte Montana