Best Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth Ever!

23 Aug

My grandchildren visited my office the other day and I found myself washing the cute little fingerprints off the four large windows we have at our facility. As I finished up the work I realized that I had used just ONE cloth to clean four large windows. I was reminded of how amazing our Ultra-Fine […]

Positive Companies!!!

22 Jul

I purchased a sandwich from Arby’s the other day and as I unwrapped it, this wonderfully positive statement met my eye. ” If your reading this your meal may be over but ——– your Good Mood has just begun.” Everyone should run their business with this attitude!!! We at KleerVu Products are striving to follow […]

Made in the U.S.A.

12 Jul

From the time that I was very young (a long time ago) this time of the year has been very special to me. The parades,  the fireworks,  the time with family and friends. I am so proud to be an American!!!  We just celebrated our Independence Day and how my heart swells when I see […]

Try our new Mini Trail-Travel Pack!!!

25 Jun
KleerVu Mini-Trial Travel Pack

      We are just “ Little Squirts”,  but we might grow on you!!! 1st Little squirt: “KleerVu Anti-Fog”.  Safe.  Stops fogging on most surfaces, excluding anti-glare coatings. 2nd Little Squirt: “Pristine”.  Safe.  Formulated especially for those hard to clean anti-glare coatings.  Cleans without streaking. 3rd Little Squirt:  “KleerTouch Screen Cleaner”.  Safely removes all […]

Where we came from!!!

12 Jun

Hi Everyone, We are starting a Blog on our Website and wanted you to know how we got our start.  KleerVu products started 26 years ago with a line of cleaning products that we sold and demonstrated door to door.  Our son cleaned his bathroom mirror with one of our products and noticed that the […]