Top 3 Binoculars Cleaning Tips

12 Jun
Top 3 Binoculars Cleaning Tips

A binocular is one of the most important equipment for a bird watcher or a hunter. The whole experience of bird watching is very much depended on a pair of good binoculars. Even for a hunter, a binocular helps to watch their hunt from a distance. Without a binocular or a device to watch the […]

What is Memorial Day?

22 May
A trumpet salute in a cemetery on memorial day.

Memorial Day How can we walk through our cemeteries on this Memorial Day without seeing our American Flag on the graves of our soldiers who gave their lives defending our freedom?  As all of us know “Freedom isn’t free!”  These brave men and women leave their  homes and families to fight enemies that want to […]

KleerVu Fighting for Families in Africa

09 Oct
KleerVu Stop Ebola Red And Black

Fighting for Families The frighteningly fatal Ebola virus disease (EVD) was first discovered 38 years ago in Africa (the Democratic Republic of Congo). The fatality rate among humans is reported around 50%.  The best thing anyone can offer for those inflicted is supportive care with rehydration. Symptomatic treatment has been proven to improve the survival of our fellow […]

Attention all Motorcyle Riders!!!

22 Apr

Anti-Fog Motorcycle Helmet Your season is here and we can make your ride much more enjoyable!!! First of all, helmets and goggles fog early in the morning, in storms, in the humidity, etc.  KleerVu cleaner eliminates this problem and provides an anti-fog motorcycle helmet.  Simply spray and wipe dry ( preferably with a ultra-fine mico-fiber […]

Let it Snow!!!

06 Dec

Anti-Fog for those cold and snowy days KleerVu anti-fog is the solution to a lot of problems when it is cold and snowy. For instance, Snowmobiling. Those pesky helmets and goggles that fog. Simply spray KleerVu on the lenses, wipe and no more fog. If it is going to really nasty, spray the lenses the […]

How to Prevent Fog and Keep Dust Down

06 Sep

A microfiber lens cloth is mainly used to clean glasses and goggles. The soft fibers will not scratch the lenses. The fibers can be impregnated with substances to eliminate fog, allow water to run off instead of bead or to prevent dust build up. A good example of this is to use an impregnated cloth […]

How To Clean Anti-Reflective Lenses

30 Aug

Smudges, smears and impossible to clean lenses? That would be the new anti-reflective coatings. This coating is on many prescription lenses and many of the high end sunglasses. Now comes the magical cleaner, Pristine. Pristine cleans anti-reflective lenses safely and leaves no smudges, film or streaks. Pristine is also a anti-static which reduces the attraction […]

Scopes Binoculars Hunting

30 Aug

If you want to see two men like kids in a candy shop, you should have seen Jason and Braydon (son and grandson), at the Big Reno Gun Show in Reno NV. We have sold our KleerVu Anti-Fog at this show for 25 years and we were able to go as a family this year. […]