Attention All Motorcyle Riders!!!

Woman Wearing Motorcycle Helmet

Anti-Fog Motorcycle Helmet

Your season is here and we can make your ride much more enjoyable!!!

First of all, helmets and goggles can fog up early in the morning, in storms, in the humidity, etc. KleerVu cleaner eliminates this problem and provides you with an anti-fog motorcycle helmet. Simply spray and wipe dry (preferably with an ultra-fine microfiber cloth.) For those helmets that do not anti-fog readily, spray, let dry, then buff.

This is going to be extremely important because your helmet is going to be your best defense in the case of an accident. You do not want to hit the road without the protection of a proper helmet and that means making sure it doesn’t fog up so your vision is clear. The visor will protect your eyes from the elements — wind, dust, dirt, and don’t forget those pesky insects!

KleerVu also removes bugs from windshields. Spray and let dry for a minute, scrub gently and flush with water then wipe. KleerVu is safe on all lexans, plexiglass, and plastics. There is no ammonia or alcohol.

You should also inspect the helmet to make sure that the rest of it is safe too. Look for unusual wear or cracks. If anything like this is found, then it is probably time to replace that helmet. The slightest damage to your helmet can negatively impact its ability to protect you.

But don’t just prepare your helmet, open up the garage door, and put the pedal to the medal. There are a few things that you ought to do to prepare yourself and your bike to make sure you stay safe on the road and make your ride much more enjoyable!!! Attention motorcycle riders — ride safe and have a great summer with clear vision through your motorcycle helmet!