Anti-Fog For Your Motorcycle Helmet

Woman Wearing Motorcycle Helmet

Spring is finally here and it’s time to bring your bike out of hibernation. But don’t just open up the garage door and put the pedal to the medal. There are a few things that you ought to do to prepare yourself and your bike to make sure you stay safe on the road and make your ride much more enjoyable!!! Let’s start with motorcycle anti-fog.

Anti-Fog Your Helmet

The gear you use when riding matters for both safety and enjoyment. First and foremost on this list is your helmet. This is the thing that is going to be your best defense and maybe even save your life in an accident. You should never be out on the road without a safe helmet. Your visor is a huge part of that. The visor will protect your eyes from the elements — wind, dust, dirt and don’t forget those pesky insects!

Making sure that your visor doesn’t fog up will greatly increase your ability to see and drive safely. Helmet visors and goggles can fog up early in the morning, in storms, in the humidity, etc. But you don’t have to worry about that when you use KleerVu cleaner for an anti-fog helmet. All you have to do is spray it on and wipe it dry (preferably with an ultra-fine mico-fiber cloth). For those helmets that do not anti-fog readily, spray, let dry, then buff. KleerVu removes bugs from windshields. Spray and let dry for a minute, scrub gently and flush with water then wipe. KleerVu is safe on all lexans, plexiglass, and plastics. There is no ammonia or alcohol.

You should also examine the rest of your helmet to see if there are any spots that show unusual wear and tear or cracks. If you find anything like this on your helmet, it is likely a good time to replace your helmet. The slightest damage to your helmet can negatively impact its ability to protect you. While you are at it, don’t forget to check the padding and make sure it is in good shape too.

Additional Gear

Your helmet is number one, but the rest of your personal gear should be in good condition as well. Make sure that you check the following before taking your first ride of the season.

  • Boots — Check all of your buckles, bindings, and any other parts to make sure they will hold tight.
  • Leathers — Not everyone wears them, but if you do, make sure they don’t have any tears or spots that are worn too thin.
  • Pads — You will want to make sure that your protection for your chest, elbows, knees and everything else is in good condition and is going to stay in place in case you need it.

Prep Your Bike

Now that you are ready and have proper gear, let’s make sure everything is up to par with your bike too.


Check all of the fluid levels. You might need to drain out old fuel that has been sitting around through the winter — especially if you didn’t use a fuel stabilizer at the end of last season. While you’ve got the tank empty, go ahead and inspect it. You’re looking for corrosion or rust. This is also a good time to replace your fuel filter. Also, make sure your antifreeze is at the proper level. Remember, this should be changed every 1-2 years at least. It’s also a good idea to replace your brake fluid. You may need to refer to your owner’s manual for this.


If your bike is in an area with temperature lower that 32 degrees, you should remove the battery and store it somewhere that is warmer. Make sure the battery terminals are clean before reattaching the battery.


No ride is going to be enjoyable with a flat tire. Before heading out, check your tire pressure and look for any cracks or other problems with the tires. This is something that should be done during the riding season as well, not just the start of the season.


Help other vehicles on the road see you by making sure that your lights are operating properly. Test your headlight and your high beam light as well as the brake lights and turn signals. Don’t forget about the horn. It’s also important to have working gauges that are properly illuminated.

Additional Issues To Check On

  • Drive Chain/Belt
  • Brakes
  • Hardware
    • Handlebar controls
    • Nuts and bolts
    • Air filter
    • Mirrors
    • Etc.

Hitting The Road

You and your bike should be ready to roll. You have used your KleerVu anti-fog spray for your helmet visor right? Don’t forget to make your order so you will always have some on hand just in case (it works for all sorts of items in addition to your motorcycle helmet and goggles or glasses). Even though it’s been a while since your last ride, you can just hop on take off right? After all, it’s just like riding a bike as the saying goes. Not so fast my friend. It would be wise to start slow. Take a lap around the block and just brush up on your skills because it only takes a split second to have an accident that can be expensive or lead to injury. Ride safe and have a great summer with an anti-fog motorcycle helmet!