Anti-Fog For Goggles

people with goggles in the snow

Winter sports are popular all over the world. People love to get out and do everything from skiing to snowboarding to mountain climbing and pretty much anything else you can dream up. Those winter sports are much safer and more fun when you have the right visibility. That means anti-fog for goggles. The problem is that the cold temperatures and moisture cause goggles, face shields, and more to fog up. This is the last thing you want to happen!

KleerVu anti-fog is the solution to a lot of problems when it is cold and snowy. Simply spray KleerVu on the lenses, wipe, and no more fog. If it is going to be really nasty, spray the lenses the night before and then wipe in the morning. This goes for ski goggles, gun scopes, the inside of your car windshield, or anything else you’ll be looking through.

Tips To Stop Fogging

Using anti-fog spray can be a lifesaver when it comes to your ability to see. But it isn’t the only thing you can do to reduce your goggles from fogging. Here are a few more tips that will help you enjoy your time in the outdoors this winter.

  • Get good goggles. When you use goggles that have a double lens, they are like storm windows and reduce the amount of fogging. In addition, goggles with vents along the top and bottom are able to release some moisture.
  • Leave goggles on. If you can avoid it, don’t take your goggles off while you are outside to prevent a temperature change that causes fogging.
  • Don’t put your goggles on your forehead or over a hat. Sweat or moist air from your breath could freeze on your lenses.
  • Goggles that fit. Before you head out, make sure your goggles are set to give you a proper fit. They should form a solid seal all-around your forehead and cheeks. However, don’t make them too tight or you’ll be uncomfortable and desire to take them off.
  • Wear a balaclava. And preferably one that has an extended snout with plenty of air holes. This helps the moisture in your breath vent up past the outer surface of your goggles.
  • When you are putting your goggles on, or back on if you didn’t follow tip number two, be very careful not to let any snow or ice get inside them.
  • Avoid putting your goggles in the pocket of your jacket if it is breathable. Moisture that gets on your coat may cause them to freeze. Not good! Also, don’t keep your goggles in the same spot as gloves, hats, or anything else that has gotten wet. Dedicate a specific pocket or storage spot for your goggles. It also helps to keep them wrapped in something like a balaclava so they don’t get scratched.
  • Keep your shell zipped all the way up. It should go around your neck all the way to create a barrier to keep moisture from getting inside your clothing.
  • Dress properly. If you wear too much clothing, this will lead to perspiration and create water vapor that might fog or freeze on the inside of your goggles.
  • Bring a backup. If all else fails, why not have a backup pair of goggles? If your first pair gets wet or freezes, that second pair — when stored properly — will come in very handy.

Anti-Fog For Goggles Spray

The best option is to keep your goggles fog-free with our anti-fog spray. Just a quick spray on the surface and then wipe clean with a clean soft cloth. Preferably an Ultra Fine Microfiber Cloth. (In addition to being the best anti-fog spray for goggles, KleerVu works on glasses, helmets, face shields, mirrors, windows, and more.)

These effective cloths will fit perfectly inside your pocket or any other small space that you might need to store them. The ultra-fine microfiber, unlike the terry type microfiber, will not scratch your goggles.

Our Guarantee

Our KleerVu Anti-Fog Guarantee promises that our anti-fog spray cleaner will counteract fog when it is used as directed. This includes applying it regularly as needed. If you are tired of your masks causing your goggles to fog — don’t be. There is no reason to suffer through that when a quick and easy solution is available. Give us a call today and get the best anti-fog spray for goggles and solve your fogging problems. We guarantee it!