Anti-Fog Cleaner And Its Benefits To The Medical Field

Medical Work

Glasses and masks don’t mix very well. Those in the medical field must wear masks, but for those who wear glasses, doing so can quickly lead to fogging, which can end up being dangerous. Instead of trying out different tricks or hacks to wear a mask without fogging up glasses, use an anti-fog cleaner. The KleerVu anti-fog spray is an excellent way to prevent fog and keep the lenses clear, so it’s easy to see.

How And Why Glasses Fog

Prescription and safety glasses and masks are often used in the medical field. When the hot air from breathing comes out, the top of the cover can cause fogging on the glasses. It can also happen in the cold to hot areas, like entering or leaving the medical facility during the summer. The hot air lands on the lenses, which are cooler, creating condensation in the form of tiny droplets. This makes the fogging that could end up being dangerous for those in the medical facility.

The Dangers Of Foggy Safety Glasses

When glasses fog, it can become dangerous for those who work in the medical field. Fogging makes it more challenging to see, so it’s possible to have trouble with everyday tasks like collecting blood from a patient. It’s not easy to stop and clear the fog, as glasses and masks must be worn. Removing them could expose the medical personnel to communicable diseases like Covid-19. These dangers aren’t only a reality for those requiring prescription glasses. Since the beginning of the pandemic, nearly all medical personnel have been wearing safety glasses to prevent the spread of diseases, so almost everyone in the medical field has experienced the dangers of foggy glasses.

Avoiding Glasses Isn’t A Solution

Glasses can’t be avoided. Prescription glasses still need to be worn, and safety glasses are commonplace because of the pandemic. Some hacks can help move the air down to prevent fogging, but they don’t always work. The mask may become less effective if it’s not worn correctly, and glasses can still fog up for those who leave the building and come back, going back and forth between the hot and cold air inside. A better solution is needed, and it’s available in an anti-fog cleaner.

Anti-Fog Cleaner

An anti-fog glass cleaner is the best way to prevent fog on lenses, keeping medical personnel and their patients safe. There are numerous benefits to using an anti-fog cleaner like the one available from KleerVu, including the following.

Prevent Impaired Vision

With an anti-fog cleaner, there’s no need to worry about impaired vision due to foggy lenses. Prescription and safety glasses can benefit from the anti-fog cleaner, helping keep them clear so medical personnel can do their job without any issues.

Lasts Longer

Cleaning the lenses with a microfiber cloth or wiping away the fog works for a short time, especially if the glasses are worn with a mask. Within a few minutes, the moisture will start to come back again. Using an anti-fog cleaner makes it possible to keep the water away. No more stopping to clean the glasses every few minutes as they’ll stay clean and streak free.

Environmentally Friendly

Many available coatings are bad for the environment. They may include dangerous chemicals or require products that are not environmentally friendly. The KleerVu anti-fog cleaner, on the other hand, is made in the US and guaranteed to be ecologically safe. Medical personnel doesn’t have to worry about potential environmental damage when using this product.

Easy To Use

The KleerVu anti-fog cleaner is straightforward to use. Spray the cleaner onto the surface, then wipe it with a clean, soft microfiber cloth. That’s it, and the cleaner will continue to keep the glasses fog-free. The anti-fog cleaner is available in various convenient sizes, from personal bottles to keep in a purse or locker to one-gallon jugs perfect for all medical personnel at the facility to use as needed.

Fogging glasses is a problem that can become dangerous, but there is now an easy solution for medical providers. Check out our anti-fog spray to see how easy and effective it is when used for prescription or safety glasses. Our cleaner is environmentally friendly, incredibly safe for various surfaces, and designed to last longer. Use the contact us page to get more information about how KleerVu anti-fog spray can help, or place an order now and try it yourself.