Anti-Fog & Anti-Static Liquid Lens Cleaners

Our Anti-Fog Anti-Static Liquid Lens Cleaners prevent fogging on gun scopes, paintball masks, safety glasses & even bathroom mirrors. The anti-static properties will also repel dust and lint!

Various uses for our Anti-Fog Anti-Static Liquid Lens Cleaners

Sports Goggles
Shooting Glasses

Paintball Masks
Motorcycle Visors
Face Shields
Safely Goggles

Ski Goggles
Camera Lenses

Our Lens Cleaners Are

Safe on Plastic, Glass, and Lexan Materials | Environmentally Friendly | Free of Alcohol or Ammonia | Non-Abrasive. 

Applying Anti-Fog Anti-Static Liquid Lens Cleaners

Apply and Wipe Clean with a Soft Cloth, preferably a Ultra Fine Micro-Fiber Cloth. For Extreme Conditions – Spray on, let dry, then buff lightly. Becomes more effective with repeated use.

KleerVu Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner is available in several sizes for your convenience. Please choose the size for your needs and order now.

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