Anti-Fog And More Mask Essentials

Girl Wearing A Mask With Fogged Glasses

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost everything we do and how we do it. Most of us have been practicing social distancing and avoiding anywhere that may have a crowd of people. However, this is starting to change. More things are opening up — movie theaters, amusement parks, etc. Each place and business will have certain rules and regulations that you’ll need to follow to stay safe. Most likely it will include wearing masks. Having to wear a mask can be uncomfortable and annoying, but there are some things you can do to improve the experience. 

Face Wipes

When the temperatures rise, you can get sweaty being out in the sun during the day. A mask will just make you feel even hotter. Bring some face wipes along with you as an easy way to cool yourself a little bit and make your face feel cleaner in the process. Make sure that you are using disinfectant baby wipes for young children and then throw in some wipes designed for a variety of skin types for the rest of your clan.

Fresh Breath

One side effect of wearing a mask for an extended period of time is that you will be smelling your breath all day. You may want to take this into account when you are selecting what you are going to be eating — maybe skip the onions that day. Or you can do something to freshen up your breath like chewing some minty gum. The mint can even make it seem as though you are breathing colder air, which may be a relief if it is warm outside. Just remember not to blow any bubbles or your mask could get really messy and uncomfortable.

Woman Eating Minty Gum

Chapped Lips

Nobody likes chapped lips right? Unfortunately, this can become an issue when you are wearing a mask all day long. It doesn’t even matter if it is dry or humid outside. A good quality chapstick will help keep your lips moisturized and provide protection against your lips rubbing against your mask. In addition, you can use chapstick to protect other parts of your face — like your cheeks — that can be affected by your mask moving. The chapstick will be a little bit sticky and help keep your mask in place.

Portable Air Conditioning

Another solution for the extra heat generated by wearing a mask is providing your own air conditioning. Get yourself a hand-held fan or one that you can wear around your neck. You may even want to go for one of those cool misting fans. Extra airflow will make it easier to breathe while wearing a mask.

Hand Sanitizer

Places where people are going to be will most likely have hand sanitizer available for you, but it never hurts to bring your own too. A hand sanitizer wipe is a quick and easy way to earn some additional peace of mind about the cleanliness wherever you go. You might feel more comfortable using a chair or table that you have wiped down yourself. These wipes are small and easy to carry in a pocket, purse, or fanny pack.

Anti-Fog For Glasses

If you wear glasses (sunglasses included), at some point you have been annoyed, frustrated, or even hurt because of your glasses getting fogged up. This is usually caused by rain, humidity, or heat. When you have to wear a mask in addition to your glasses, it is likely to make your glasses fog.

Here is your anti-fog solution. The best option to keep your mask from causing your glasses to fog up is with our anti-fog spray. Just spray it on the surface of your glasses and then wipe clean with a clean soft cloth — preferably an Ultra Fine Microfiber Cloth. These effective cloths will fit perfectly inside your eyeglass case or any other small space that you might need to store them. The ultra-fine microfiber, unlike the terry type microfiber, will not scratch your glasses. Our KleerVu Anti-Fog Guarantee promises that our Anti-Fog spray cleaner will counteract fog when it is used as directed. This includes applying it regularly as needed.

Other methods the people try include; washing glasses with soap and water, spitting on them, and putting on other substances that leave a residue, like toothpaste or shaving cream. However, these options are not great. You won’t want to do anything that is going to get your mask wet. And spitting on your glasses should be completely avoided during the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you are tired of your masks causing your glasses to fog — don’t be. There is no reason to suffer through that when a quick and easy solution is available. Give us a call today and get the best anti-fog spray for glasses and solve your fogging problems. We guarantee it!

Your breath that is sent into your eyes because of the mask you are wearing doesn’t just bother those with glasses. If you are wearing contacts it can irritate your eyes too. So before you head out, grab some eye drops that you can have ready in case your eyes become uncomfortable. It also helps if you can remember not to touch your eyes and face without washing your hands.