About Us

About Us

We Manufacturer The Worlds Leading Anti-Fog, Anti-Static, Anti-Reflective Lens Cleaning Solutions! Our products are environmentally safe “green products” and proudly 100% made in the USA! We have been manufacturing and selling cleaning products for over 25 years!

KleerVu’s Products parent company, North American Marketing, Inc., started in August, 1986 as a manufacturer and wholesaler/retailer of general cleaning products. Selling directly to consumers via home shows, motorcycle and car shows and also in retail chain stores nationwide.

One of our most popular products was the old rub on anti-fog that came in a small tub and was applied to the lens using your finger. Seeing the need and possibilities of a safer more effective anti-fog with a combined cleaner the company re-focused and developed the KleerVu liquid anti-fog cleaner.

This product was tested and evaluated in an offsite independent laboratory. The testing on KleerVu was extensive and thorough. It involved effectiveness, reliability, eye and skin sensitivity, toxicity, possible degradation on other surfaces it might come in contact with plus stability of the product.

Passing each test with flying colors KleerVu was then submitted to FDA and received from the FDA a 510k authorization to market. MSDS available upon request!

KleerVu Anti Fog Cleaner Products

KleerVu™ works where others fail!

KleerVu is very popular because of its effectiveness, reliability and safety, both to the user and the surface it is used upon.